Beyond the Fire

Beyond the Fire
Author: Amanda Wheeler
Language English
Pages: 0
ISBN10: 044914934X
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.50
ISBN13: 9780449149348
Published: March 2nd 1996 by Ivy Books

Ambition would never be enough for her Smart and ambitious, Nina Lewis was hurdling obstacles not only as a law student at Berkeley in the early '70s but as a black woman during a time of tremendous change, opportunity, and unrest. Though an inner fire of hope and optimism carried her from poverty to a renowned law school, she needed more. . . . Love had never been enough for him David Hamilton was a tough, aggressive reporter, a rolling stone who gathered no moss, no commitments, and no attachments. Until Nina. Suddenly being a wanderer wasn't so tempting. . . . Only everything would be enough for them As a highly publicized mayoral race made front page news, the lovers would find themselves fighting on the front lines of a heated contest for power. Nina would learn to trust her instincts as a lawyer, a lover, and a woman as she ran the most difficult race of her life--the one between her ambitions and her heart. . . .