Until The Birds Chirp: Reflections On The Sixties

Until The Birds Chirp: Reflections On The Sixties
Author: Marc Catone
Language English
Pages: 170
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.25
Published: June 21st 2016

“If you remember the Sixties, you weren’t there.” So goes the familiar joke line, but it’s not true. There are millions of people who remember the Sixties. However, they aren’t only the famous actors, well-known musicians, or familiar talking heads who usually show up in most retrospectives. Instead, they are every day Americans whose lives were changed forever by the events and experiences of the Sixties.

Those influences shaped their occupations, values, and dreams. Now is the time for them to share personal histories and write about their lives. Marc Catone has done just that.

His book, "Until The Birds Chirp: Reflections On The Sixties" is a generational memoir. What Marc learned during the Sixties has remained with him throughout his life, affecting who he is and what he believes. His politics, spiritual beliefs, and relationships have all been shaped by that decade.

"Until the Birds Chirp: Reflections On The Sixties", contains vignettes of life altering experiences from his childhood, teen, and young adult years. Personal and generational narratives merge to form Sixties themes about racism, war, and freedom as well as the influences of Rock, sex and TV. Marc was 13 years old when JFK was killed and his father lost his business, had his heart broken the night before he listened to “Sgt. Pepper” for the first time, marched on his college campus the same afternoon that the Kent State Four were murdered, and fell in love with his future wife as they campaigned for George McGovern in New Hampshire. The effects of those events on Marc’s life, and the Sixties Generation as a whole, are detailed within the pages of "Until the Birds Chirp: Reflections On The Sixties".