The Grail

The Grail
Author: Lawrence Burton
Language English
Genre: Science Fiction
Series The Periodic Adventures of Señor 105
Goodreads Rating: 3.50
Published: October 1st 2012 by Manleigh Books

All is not as it would seem when Señor 105 and his friends visit the sleepy village of Acatitlan in the beautiful state of Puebla to learn that the village is only briefly sleepy during the intervals between daily horrifying visitations from dinosaurs, ghosts, robots, space monsters, and other nightmarish creatures the like of which mankind has never before found himself obliged to confront. Luckily, help is at hand in the form of an old friend, that masked adventurer, wrestler, and righter of wrongs El Profe, the champion of justice who carries a devastating secret. Louder, funnier, and now 47% more popular, El Profe is back with the biggest budget and better ratings than ever before, and life will never be the same again!!! Seriously.