Witch Witch Demon vol 1

Witch Witch Demon vol  1
Author: Glenn Hefley
Language English
Pages: 137
Genre: Fantasy
Goodreads Rating: 4.22
Published: January 27th 2016 by H4S

Dr. Toni Veres works the morning shifts in the ER of Mercy Hospital in San Diego. Her real job is the guardian of the Gate, which doesn't come up much. More often she is called by coven or conscious to deal with murdering demons, plagues, and rampaging pig herds claiming to be Legion.

During her hunt for a murderous and mind demon in the downtown area, Toni meets up with Inanna Downs, a cambion hunting the same beast, and lives up to her name. Steamy, hot, erotic thriller with plenty of action -- even for Inanna. This is Vol 1- 6 of Witch Witch Demon