Red Warrior: Assassin for the Thieves World

Red Warrior: Assassin for the Thieves World
Author: Jeff Amano
Language English
Pages: 128
ISBN10: 158240660X
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.12
ISBN13: 9781582406602
Published: October 24th 2006 by Image Comics

Agent Tolik Kalinichenko convinces Elena -- a Russian Mafia leader's daughter -- to seduce an old flame that may be connected to a secret combat system called "Bespredel" (Russian for "without limits"). Elena risks her life for her country, Mother Russia, the world, but most of all, for Tolik. In a race against the clock, Tolik must destroy Bespredel's Red Warriors in time to save Elena, who has been discovered as an informant. But when war has no limits, where can love hide?