The Reweaving

The Reweaving
Author: Holly Barbo
Language English
Genre: Uncategorized
Series Sage Seed Chronicles
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: July 16th 2013 by Paper Crane Books

Before Bure, Wras, and Targ were caught for the murders of eight people, their killing spree had damaged a delicate balance that the sages fear they can’t rectify. With too few sages alive, the planet is beginning to slide back to a primordial state! Earthquakes and storms rock their world as the sages frantically search for answers to fix the problem before they and the planet are destroyed. But Bure did more than just destabilize the planet. He planted the thought amongst the people that “witches” were the cause of the quakes and bad weather. The frightened citizenry grasp onto the misguided idea — believing that it gives them a way to end the planets upheaval and the attacks on innocent people increase. Can Erin and the sages reweave what Bure has unraveled?