Journey to the Heart

Journey to the Heart
Author: Caron Nora
Language English
Pages: 224
ISBN10: 0981034438
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
ISBN13: 9780981034430
Published: January 1st 2009 by Fisher King Press

"An offbeat novel many a reader will enjoy," --Midwest Book Review "Refreshingly authentic, close to her feelings, honest . . ." --The Fisher King Review In her debut novel, Journey to the Heart, Nora Caron challenges the conventional model of the happily-ever-after story by . . . well, she creates her own fairy tale and with her in-search-of-the-real-thing protagonist, Lucina, we are guided through the labyrinth of illusions and disillusions that many encounter in our modern age. Let down by life and others, 25 year-old Lucina finally makes a break, leaving behind a neurotic mother, shallow friendships, a pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps psychologist, and courageously sets off into the unknown. Only then does Lucina by chance meet her real guide, Seora Labotta, who with the mysterious spirit of many great teachers, seduces the curious Lucina away from her linear scientific and technological way of seeing and believing and into a life of adventure, spirit and reward. Journey to the Heart is all about kissing frogs, seduction, and the quest for wholeness.

This refreshing novel is sure to quench the thirst of many people, young and old, longing to find deeper meaning and greater fulfillment in life. Nora Caron lives in Montreal, Canada and is currently completing an M.A. and working on a Shakespearean thesis concerning passions on stage.

Nora also works as a private English, Spanish, German and French teacher, and spends many days playing music, practicing kung fu, writing poetry, and traveling to various countries.