The Mark of Kane

The Mark of Kane
Author: L.W. Herndon
Language English
Pages: 285
Genre: Fantasy
Series Thaddeus Kane
Goodreads Rating: 4.12
Published: May 10th 2011 by Digital Crystal Press

At the forefront in the battle for good and evil, Thaddeus Kane straddles the line between heaven and hell. Abandoned as a baby and raised by demons Kane doesn't flinch from his responsibilities as a troubleshooter for the demon clan that saved his life. He embraces each job with only one rule. No targeting innocents.

Not a popular stance given his associates, but one he won't break for anyone. Fortunately, his unique abilities provide him with just enough leverage to stand his ground.

When human sorcerers target his clan for death to harness their demonic superpowers, Kane's skills leave him the sole candidate to root out the threat. In a hunt through the dangerous occult layers that blanket Los Angeles it is his secret alliance with a rival demoness, to save seemingly human teenagers from the same horrible fate, which will stretch his powers and allegiances to the breaking point.