Down for My King 2

Down for My King 2
Author: Alexus Breanna
Language English
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.86
Published: September 11th 2016 by Silver Dynasty Publications

: The crew is back, but a lot has happened, good and bad. Some relationships survived and some didn’t. AK and Laynah are still holding on, just waiting on the arrival of their little one. Brickz has finally got a chance to be the father he always wanted to be with the help of Aaliyah, who walks into his child’s life and accepts her as if she was her own child. Montana, on the other hand, makes an honest woman out of Khadijah after she gives birth to his daughter and accepts his last name. Your favorite bad guy is back and he finally has a boo. Yes, that’s right; Snipe finally has a woman after playing all these different games. Sky is still playing hard to get with Snipe until she realizes it’s too late and he has moved on from her, or has he? Shayna’s husband is back from the military, but he has a whole different attitude. His attitude unfortunately ends up causing him to tango with the devil. Your favorite crazy bitch Terricka has found herself in a crazy predicament, literally. She finds herself a soulmate and he may be crazier than her. No matter how crazy a person may be, no one’s crazy matches Big Mama’s crazy. She came to show out in this second installment. Cali, on the other hand, has just gotten the biggest shock of her life. Not only did her wedding get crashed, but she realized Tech just signed her up for baby mama drama. Come take another trip with the crew and see if they can still stay down for their king.