Navigating Fitness After 50: Your GPS for Programs and Professionals You Can Trust

Navigating Fitness After 50: Your GPS for Programs and Professionals You Can Trust
Author: Debra Atkinson
Language English
Pages: 163
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.50
Published: August 14th 2013 by Voice for Fitness

Exercise is no longer a choice, it's the only choice. The question is what, how and who can you trust. This is the book that will tell you. It will tell you what to expect, demand, ask and what to run from. It's a peek behind the scenes from a trainer. This is not an exercise program though there are links to exercises videos. It's not a list of to-do but it is a conversation starter and a shopping list for visiting your local fitness center. You'll be armed and empowered with the information about what to do with a lower back issue, avoiding or treating osteoporosis and more or, just maintaining your optimal vitality in your second half. This is the inside story from a barely boomer and 28-year veteran of the fitness industry. Debra Atkinson is a prior University Senior Lecturer in Kinesiology, an International Fitness Presenter, Group Fitness Instructor & Manager, Personal Trainer, Personal Training Director and author. Navigating Fitness After 50 will help you: Develop a needs list tied to your status, wants and goals. Create a set of questions to find the right gym, group and trainer. Achieve optimal results by using the resources you need. Turn skepticism into confidence when you know what to ask. Optimize your personal network. Minimize risk of injury and frustration due to lack of results. Get the most out of the investment of exercise, time and money. Take control of your health by understanding resources available to you (and asking for what you want). If you're already exercising Navigating Fitness After 50 will serve as a reference to how your program measures up and where you might improve it to improve results. That's the warm up, let's get started.