Empire DJ

Empire DJ
Author: Kaye Wagner
Language English
Pages: 215
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.14
Published: September 19th 2014 by Pendown Publishing

Who is the Empire DJ? His voice moving nations into chaos, stirring the maddening few to great power and delusion as order crumbles in the wake of his hypnotic sound. Who is the Empire DJ? The question eludes Yumi, a reck gambler and talented musician, who finds herself playing high stake games in a city midst the throes of a revolution. Making her escape, she’s confronted with the ambiguous and mysterious threat tearing apart cities. With his ominous voice and message ruling the fate of many, Yumi confronts a new reality as she is faced with the truth that revolutionaries are made by the moment, always born into the dark ‘Empires’ they rebel against—sometimes a circumstance of destiny, other times of calculated design.

Who is the Empire DJ?