100 Golf Lessons That I Learned in My Journey From 14 Handicapper to Professional Golfer

100 Golf Lessons That I Learned in My Journey From 14 Handicapper to Professional Golfer
Author: Jaacob Bowden
Language English
Pages: 126
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.28
Published: June 30th 2011

In January 2003, Jaacob Bowden was an average length hitting 14-handicap golfer who uprooted his life as a computer engineer in Kansas to move to California to pursue a career as a Professional Golfer. Within a matter of months of full-time training, Jaacob won the televised Pinnacle Distance Challenge in July 2003 with a 381-yard drive. He has since gone on to play in and make cuts in numerous Professional tournaments around the world with scores in the 60s and 70s. During the course of his journey, Jaacob studied and tried many different golf techniques and training programs. Whenever he felt that he learned something valuable, he would often jot it down on his scorecard or a piece of scratch paper. This e-book is a collection of 100 of those little ons that Jaacob has pulled out of his archives to share with you. Included are tips on course etiquette, technique, equipment, and other miscellaneous topics that can help you get more out of your game and have fun along the way.

Some may seem simple and straightforward, but oftentimes those are the things that matter and need to be remembered the most, whether you are a Pro or amateur.

Jaacob considered organizing the tips by commonly used categories like the full swing, pitching, chipping, course management, etc. However, in the end he put them in random order because he liked the uncertainty of what he would read next.

He hopes you enjoy the format, that you can find all or some of them useful, and he wishes you the best of luck.