Conversations with Horse: An Uncommon Dialog of Equine Wisdom

Conversations with Horse: An Uncommon Dialog of Equine Wisdom
Author: Kate Solisti-Mattelon
Language English
Pages: 160
ISBN10: 1582700974
Genre: Animals
Goodreads Rating: 3.75
ISBN13: 9781582700977
Published: July 1st 2003 by Beyond Words Publishing

Horses have inspired us, awed us and worked very hard for us. Have we really ever gotten to know them? In CONVERSATIONS WITH HORSES, author Kate Solisti-Mattelon asks the horses themselves what they feel, how they feel, and what they want us to know. CONVERSATIONS WITH HORSES breaks through the species barrier and goes beyond personal animal stories to ask horses what it is they want to tell us. The author accesses the consciousness of horses by posing questions to them and receiving answers in return. These answers are not based on what human beings suppose horses are thinking. Instead Solisti-Mattelon transcribes the answers from the animals themselves. Questions include: - What do horses need for a good life at home? In the wild? - Do horses like to be ridden? - What is the biggest communication obstacle between horses and humans? - Do horses see and feel energy - Do horses mind being confined in stalls? - Do horses dream?