The Sharecroppers

The Sharecroppers
Author: Denisa Nickell Hanania
Language English
Pages: 350
ISBN10: 1628399627
Genre: Historical
Goodreads Rating: 4.16
ISBN13: 9781628399622
Published: October 31st 2013 by Xulon Press

For those whose roots grow deep in cotton soil, a legacy calls you back. The dirt whispers a name, echoing from a time when all that existed in the world happened right outside your door. Many a boy and girl have moved on from the small farm towns that nurtured them.

Others, like old Mis Hartmann, have lived over ninety years in the same county. Her years are distinguished by the size of the crop, the cost of cotton seed, and the number of levy breaks along the Mississippi. Marina Hartmann, has been seasoned like the hardwood forests of Big Lake.