Investigating Obsolescence

Investigating Obsolescence
Author: Nancy C. Dorian
Language English
Pages: 460
ISBN10: 052132405X
Genre: Humanities
Goodreads Rating: 4.67
ISBN13: 9780521324052
Published: October 26th 2004 by Cambridge University Press

Over the past 500 years, half the known languages of the world have vanished. This comprehensive overview of the study of contracting and dying languages, composed of twenty essays, investigates the wide scope of languages currently under threat of extinction. These disappearances occur in diverse speech communities where the expanding languages are both familiar, such as English or Spanish, and familiar, such as Swedish, Thai and Arabic. The volume concludes with a look at how research into language obsolescence may affect other aspects of linguistics and anthropology--first and second language acquisition, historical linguistics, the study of pidgins and creoles, language and social process.