Eden's Ore: Revelations

Eden's Ore: Revelations
Author: B.V. Bayly
Language English
ISBN10: 1927559715
Genre: Fantasy
Series Eden's Ore
Goodreads Rating: 3.95
ISBN13: 9781927559727
Published: May 1st 2015 by Promontory Press

Gabriel is left for dead. The Horsemen have spread their corruption, targeting the Church’s highest order and forcing the Patriarchs to fracture.

As Gabriel’s life hangs in the balance, Nate and his allies must scramble to awaken him before the Church falls. An alliance with the Spheres—hidden sanctuaries of ores users—provides a single hope. To destroy the corruption, they must travel into the dark zones—areas abandoned by the civilized world—and hunt down the source. In the dark zone, they come face to face with a warped reality, ruled by violence and savagery. With the world on the brink of war, Gabriel is forced to become what he never wanted to be.