Autumn Rains GFS Bk 3

Autumn Rains GFS Bk 3
Author: J. Nell Brown
Language English
Pages: 446
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: November 4th 2014 by Rogue Reads, LLC

Continue the Transcontinental Sweeping Love Story by J. Nell Brown Eventually, kindred spirits find each other. But, will they find each other before drifting into another's arms, or a kidnapping in Nigeria rips their spirits apart for eternity. Daniela Cavanaugh, a spunky medical doctor, treks through Africa on a medical mission trip in order to rescue abandoned sick children.

Unfortunately, her goodwill trip derails when mercenaries lust for her blood. But, she has dreams of her own―fall in love in spite of her antiquated virtuous beliefs, a feat more challenging in her mind than parting the Red Sea. At thirty years old she’s never been kissed. Cillian Finn born to a Scottish-Irish single mother in a shack on the Antrim Coast of Ireland is orphaned and ravaged by abuse. He is a vagabond who needs a Red Sea miracle of his own. Flickers of a dream smolder in his heart―the American dream and a loving family. Can Wall Street's success magically resurrect the only woman he's ever loved and trusted after he left her to die in a forest fire in Ethiopia, or will his punishment for abandonment be a beautiful but deceitful supermodel to warm his bed, reminding him of his fatal mistake?