Harmony from the Inside Out

Harmony from the Inside Out
Author: Jan Carley
Language English
Pages: 157
Genre: Uncategorized
ASIN B00452V756
Goodreads Rating: 3.67

CREATE AND LIVE YOUR PERFORMANCE POTENTIAL Achieve joy and create the life you want. Use this book and exercises in it to explore and experience the positive results of working from the inside out. Your world is your stage-a life of possibility awaits! Here's what waits for you inside the pages of Harmony from the Inside Out... Chapter One: The "A" Game — Living in Possibility Learn how one simple shift in approach can instantly shift your life or group culture with dramatic effects. Chapter Two: Getting In Tune — Clearing your Inner Static Learn how to get rid of external and internal interferences getting in your way. Chapter Three: Why Not? — Eliminating your Limiting Beliefs Identify the burdensome elephants and turn them into fabulous possibilities! Chapter Four: Pollyanna Lives! — The Power of Positive Thinking My fave chapter! Get some practical strategies to instantly positivize your life. Chapter Five: The "Woo Woo" Primer — Creating a Grounded Foundation Yup, get into some West Coast stuff and learn how to breathe and center yourself, focus and ground your energy for maximum daily benefits. Chapter Six: The Brain Gain — Utilizing the Power of the Mind Use the power of your greatest resource, your mind, to create the world you want. Chapter Seven: Right Here, Right Now — The Power of Intention Get present, get "being" not "doing" and learn how to be intentional in everything you do. Chapter Eight: Coaching — The Language of Possibility Improve all of your communications by learning the basic principles of using a coach approach. Chapter Nine: Do-Able Goal Setting — The Power of Incremental Improvement Finally — an easy way to set goals that set you up for success! Chapter Ten: Yeah, Baby, You are Worth It — Celebration and Acknowledgement Discover how acknowledging and celebrating your unique gifts can really amplify your contribution to the world. Author Jan Carley is an inspirational and motivational leader, coach, speaker and writer. A certified executive coach, credentialed with the International Coach Federation, Jan brings over 25 years of experience in the professional performing arts to her coaching approach. Her company, Creative Coaching Group, specializes in working with highly motivated individuals and high-achieving teams to focus and clarify their energies to achieve a leading edge of excellence. Known also as the "Inner Coach of Barbershop," Jan is passionate about working with musical groups from the inside out to create and live their performance potential both on and off stage. She has been singing barbershop harmony and competing in an Internationally renowned 120-voiced a cappella chorus since 1994. Jan lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, and is available for individual coaching, group coaching, workshops and speaking engagements worldwide. www.creativecoachinggroup.com Jan is Canada's Ben Zander (The Art of Possibility).

She has taken sound coaching principles, tested them on hundreds of women singers in competitive a cappella choruses and created easily applied principles so that anyone can begin to maximize their potential. Read this book – your life will thank you!" — Carollyne Conlinn, 2009 Canadian Coach of the Year "Jan's book cuts through the usual superficial acceptable wisdom and gets right to the fundamental causes of success and failure. Stop rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic- read this book.