The SuDoku Inheritance

The SuDoku Inheritance
Author: Jeff Pratt
Language English
Pages: 443
Genre: Suspense
Goodreads Rating: 0.00
Published: October 19th 2014 by Mallaktech

GOVERNMENT HEALTH WARNING: Sudoku can seriously damage your health!! One look at the SuDoku puzzle told him that it belonged in the extremely fiendish category.

What it didn’t tell him was just how fiendish the other players would turn out to be. Jack-the-Lad Nathan usually has his pick of the girls and now he wants goddess Jasmine.

But she’s out of reach and out of the question. In fact, twenty unfathomable questions and an unsolvable SuDoku puzzle stand in the way to her bed, let alone her heart.

Jasmine’s capricious sister, Sophia, can smell money – lots of it, whilst Lewis the solicitor, executor of their father’s will, seems to be stretching the law like elastic, but whose side is he on? Together they form an uneasy alliance to solve the puzzle. Can the sisters trust Nathan, who just happened to be there when they needed him? Can they trust each other when there’s romance at stake, let alone a fortune? And can Nathan trust anyone? Even himself? A desperate race against the clock, and unseen opponents, takes them from opulent Italy to seedy London, and back to their long-buried childhoods where everyone seems to have hidden a skeleton or three. Nathan soon becomes Jack-the-Had as thieves rob him, clients attack him and colleagues betray him. As friends too desert him, so does his sanity. The SuDoku Inheritance is a fast-paced mystery adventure, but above all it’s a story about people: their lives, their loves, their lies - and their puzzles. Sit back and enjoy the ride as the puzzle unfolds or follow the clues and race them to the treasure.

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