The Unfinished

The Unfinished
Author: Patrice Williams Marks
Language English
Pages: 21
Genre: Fantasy
Goodreads Rating: 4.18
Published: May 2nd 2015 by Circa Publishing

This is the full novel, taken from the short story, The Unfinished. In a future where the Unfinished (murdered) are brought back to life for only 72 hours to testify against their killers before being "put down" for eternity... an Unfinished is resurrected to what he believes is his one chance to point the finger at his accused killer. He remembers the final details of his life; his boring job as a mattress salesman, the Dame he had high hopes for and the Mug who took his life. Once brought back from the dead and taken to court, this Unfinished could never have imagined what was awaiting him. Set in a world that is our future, giving homage to 1940's detective noir stories, "The Unfinished" serves up a twist ending that will leave you wanting to follow his story to the end.