America Asunder

America Asunder
Author: Robert Edward
Pages: 376
Series The American Mage War
Goodreads Rating: 4.60
Published: December 25th 2017 by R.R.W. Media, LLC

The war everyone expected is finally here, as the hydromancers of the North and the pyromancers of the South clash across America. The Union counterattack into Kentucky has the Confederacy back on its heels, but the nation's western frontier is dangerously unprotected.

The United States needs all the silver it can get for the Union Army to press the fight against the southern war wizards. Barely recovered from their last battle, Jared Gilsom and his friends are sent west to help foster a treaty with the Pawnee tribe that will hopefully provide some security for America's western flank. But a sinister power is rising in the South. As the war in Europe takes a sudden turn for the worse, the Union finds itself facing a new and uncertain threat. With alliances shifting and breaking across the continent, Jared and his companions continue their quest for answers in the struggle against the unseen plan that seems to be unfolding around them.