Build Up Your Chess 3: Mastery

Build Up Your Chess 3: Mastery
Author: Artur Yusupov
Pages: 288
ISBN10: 1906552266
Genre: Games
Goodreads Rating: 4.33
ISBN13: 9781906552268
Published: July 1st 2009 by Quality Chess

Artur Yusupov's complete course of chess training stretches to nine volumes, guiding the reader towards a higher chess understanding using carefully selected positions and advice. To make sure that this new knowledge sticks, it is then tested by a selection of puzzles.The course is structured in three series with three levels. The Fundamentals level is the easiest one, Beyond the Basics is more challenging, and Mastery is quite difficult, even for stronger players.

The various topics - Tactics, Strategy, Positional Play, Endgames, Calculating Variations, and Openings - are spread evenly across the nine volumes, giving readers the chance to improve every area as they work through the books.This book is the first volume at the Mastery level. The Build Up Your Chess series won the prestigious Boleslavsky Medal from FIDE (the World Chess Federation) as the best instructional chess books in the world.