Searching Within: Taking the Way of Self-Discovery for the Journey to Source

Searching Within: Taking the Way of Self-Discovery for the Journey to Source
Author: Belsebuub
Pages: 278
ISBN10: 0992381525
Goodreads Rating: 4.92
ISBN13: 9780992381523
Published: September 27th 2017 by Mystical Life Publications Ltd

A true spiritual journey begins within.

The search for who we are, and the deeper purpose of existence, is ultimately an inner quest. Searching Within provides the tools and information to set out on this inward journey. It explains why acquiring self-knowledge is so important for any kind of profound inner change, and how it can bring many benefits to one's life and the world. It describes how using the time principles of self-discovery, one can observe and understand their subconscious, with its many drives and desires, and uncover the causes of suffering within themselves--and at the same time, develop their consciousness, the source of inner peace and love, and the spiritual part each person carries within. Interspersed throughout the book are a series of the most effective and powerful exercises for self-discovery, which can be put into practice in daily life, and used to acquire one's own personal experience. With detailed, clear, precise, and yet simple explanations, this book is the most effective handbook on self-discovery there is and provides a firm foundation and beginning to the inner journey back to source. If taken, the journey leads us further and further within, and at the same time, deeper and deeper into the mysteries of creation. As we penetrate into our own psyche, we penetrate into the very heart of the cosmos. If taken far enough, this journey leads to the reunion with one's divine Being and the very source of creation itself. Mark Pritchard (writing with the name Belsebuub) is the author of a number of books on spirituality, out-of-body experiences, dreams, self-discovery, and esoteric knowledge. He has appeared on radio and television programs internationally, and writes from decades of spiritual and mystical experience.