Thirteen Pearls

Thirteen Pearls
Author: Melaina Faranda
Pages: 192
Genre: Contemporary
Series Girlfriend Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.50
Published: April 1st 2010 by Allen & Unwin

Edie Sparks has grand plans. She's building a boat to sail solo around the world, but she needs cash, and fast.

So when her uncle offers her good money to work on his island pearl farm for six weeks she jumps at the chance.

All she has to do is baby-sit her little cousin and help with the cooking and cleaning - how hard could it be? But soon Edie is wrangling a monster-brat, struggling to find exciting new ways to cook fish, arguing with her uncle and being wooed by two handsome boys. The work is hard and thank and an isolated island off the coast of Far North Queensland turns out to be not as idyllic as it sound - especially when she has no control over the powerful forces of nature.