Mitch Takes a Wife: To Wed, or Not to Wed

Mitch Takes a Wife: To Wed, or Not to Wed
Author: Ann Roth
Language English
Pages: 216
ISBN10: 0373751788
Genre: Romance
Series To Wed or Not To Wed
Goodreads Rating: 3.20
ISBN13: 9780373751785
Published: August 1st 2007 by Harlequin Books

Mitch Matthews was a regular guest at the Oceanside B and B, but had never before arrived without a beautiful woman at his side. This time he was here alone, to work on his book. So why, if he'd come here for solitude, did he want to spend so much time with the B and B's vivacious owner, Fran Bishop? Fran had been drawn to Mitch for years, but she wasn't kidding herself--friendship was as far as their relationship would ever go. The gorgeous, charismatic motivational speaker wasn't the type to settle in the sleepy Pacific coast town of Cranberry, Oregon, especially with a woman like Fran, who wanted not just a husband and children, but solid roots. Could this certified catch be looking at Fran in a whole new way? It takes an extraordinary event for him--and for Fran-- to find out!