Islam and Other Faiths

Islam and Other Faiths
Author: Ismail R. al-Faruqi
Language English
Pages: 400
ISBN10: 0860372766
Genre: Philosophy
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
ISBN13: 9780860372769
Published: October 26th 1998 by Islamic Foundation

A fascinating study by an engaging scholar-activist, this book provides a good cross-section of the critical issues in comparative religion between Islam, Judaism, Christianity and other faiths. The book begins by describing the human capacity to understand divine transcendence in all religion and defines the world communities (Ummahs) of various religions.

It then compares the rights of religious minorities under Islam with the rights of Muslims in non-Muslim societies. A contrast of Muslim da'wah and Christian missionary work is also presented. Throughout the book, the author uses theological and doctrinal issues such as original sin to examine similarities and differences between the faiths.