Van Gogh in Peppers: a self-portrait of male depression

Van Gogh in Peppers: a self-portrait of male depression
Author: Christopher Scott Downing
Language English
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.42
Published: August 5th 2015

Alternate Cover: 1507654588 ISBN-13: 978-1507654583 A cautionary memoir about a man's attempt to overcome depression without doctors, therapists, or medication, the results alternating between hilarity and tragedy. This is an important and timely wake up call to men -and their loved ones- who misunderstand depression or are commonly resistant "to talk about it." Meet Christopher Scott Downing, a thirty-three year-old grocery manager with a lot on his mind. He's up to his neck with a team of rascals, a second-in-command who'll do anything for his job, way too much debt, a girlfriend who can't wait for him to break up with her, and, it turns out, a brain that's begun shutting down just when he needs it most. As if that wasn't bad enough, his favorite baseball team is having the worst year ever. Van Gogh in Peppers chronicles Christopher's misguided plans to deal with all this. Without the help of doctors, therapists, or meds, he decides to triumph entirely alone over everything, including his physical brain that’s apparently out to get him. This plan turns out to be a very, very bad idea. This memoir will begin your own discussion about Major Depressive Disorder by exploring these questions: · What do men experience under depression? · How does depression manifest in men uniquely? · Why do many men refuse help with this treatable disease? This memoir won't give you a single piece of sound advice. Not for overcoming depression. So you can just forget about that. Instead, you'll experience a level of honesty you often don't get from the men as they're going through it. Or from most men, really. Especially from those who "don't want to talk about it." Van Gogh in Peppers will put you there in the moment, revealing more details of male depression than you might even know to ask. Memoir with a purpose. Van Gogh in Peppers not only serves the man struggling to cope with his condition but also his loved ones trying to understand him. It can help identify the man who, rather than appearing depressed, is hell-bent on destroying everything around him.

Identifying the possibility of Major Depressive Disorder is the difficult first step toward seeking the help he deserves. Depression is a wide-spread, secretive disease that needs to be discussed because men are hurting themselves. They are hurting their families. They are hurting those who care. And that needs to stop. Veteran psychologist Steven J. Hanley, Ph.D. provides the wonderful, thought-provoking foreword. 2% OF PROCEEDS SERVE CHARITIES FOR MENTAL HEALTH ADVOCACY.