Korvac Saga: Warzones!

Korvac Saga: Warzones!
Author: Dan Abnett
Language English
Pages: 160
ISBN10: 0785193138
Genre: Sequential Art
Series Secret Wars: Warzones!
Goodreads Rating: 3.21
ISBN13: 9780785193135
Published: December 1st 2015 by Marvel

Stranded on 21st century Earth, the 31st century Guardians fi nally have a chance to locate the anomaly that is ripping the past, present and future of the Universal Time-stream apart. Plus: Lord Michael Korvac governs the Forest Hills, but his domain is threatened by rival lords, chaotic threats from beyond the Wall, and, worst of all, a dark madness that is spreading through the population. Led by the noble Major Victory, Korvac's loyal Guardians must fi nd the source of the evil before it corrupts the world as they know it. COLLECTING: GUARDIANS 3000 6-8, THE KORVAC SAGA (2015)