The Whisper Jar

The Whisper Jar
Author: Carole Lanham
Language English
Pages: 196
ISBN10: 918686503X
Genre: Horror
Goodreads Rating: 3.96
ISBN13: 9789186865030
Published: May 31st 2012 by Morrigan Books

“I do not know what you have done, but put your mouth right here. Confess your crime to this fruit jar as though it were God’s ear.” ~ from The Whisper Jar Some secrets are kept in jars — others, in books. Some are left forgotten in musty rooms — others, created in old barns. Some are brought about by destiny — others, born in blood. Secrets — they are the hidden heart of this collection. In these pages, you will encounter a Blood Digger who bonds two children irrevocably together; a young woman who learns of her destiny through the random selection of a Bible verse; and a boy whose life begins to reflect the stories he reads… Most importantly, though, if someone should ever happen to offer you a Jilly Jally Butter Mint, just say “No!”