In Another Country

In Another Country
Author: Cameron Summers
Language English
Pages: 124
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: May 1st 2016 by Cameron Summers

Esme Delaney has a decision to make. Would it be better for her to stay with her partner, Donald, working two jobs and struggling to make ends meet, or cut herself loose and try her luck on her own? She knows that the situation is unsustainable, but isn't sure how to escape it.

She's trying to find a way out, but it seems, sometimes, like the solution might be worse than the problem. Donald Morgan has left his past behind and decided to make something of himself. He does his best to take care of his partner, Esme, and get through each day of work and classes, all the while searching for a chance to leave the United States for someplace else -- anyplace else -- where he can find honest, well-paying work. In pursuit of this, he's willing to put himself in any danger, scavenge what he can't buy, or debase himself in any way necessary. Anything other than return to his violent past. Over the course of one day, the two of them are separated from one another and reunite briefly, as they struggle to navigate society at the street level of a failing superpower.