Outside Assistance (Older Woman/Younger Man Cheating Wife)

Outside Assistance (Older Woman/Younger Man Cheating Wife)
Author: Holly Ardent
Pages: 39
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: July 11th 2017 by Ardent

Tammi's stuck at home, again. Her husband is away on business and that leaves her home alone. Fortunately, she can find a little bit of relaxation with a particular jet on the hot tub, the kind of relaxation she'd normally get from him if he were ever around and interested any more. Except that when she goes for that relief she finds the hot tub isn't working right. A quick search finds a local handyman who has hours running into the evening. Pete says he should be able to fix the problem and, when he arrives, she finds out that his word is good. Only now she's decided that instead of using the hot tub and her friendly jet for relaxation she wants some outside assistance, and Pete looks like he'll do quite nicely for that. Tammi enjoys aggressively snaring her partners, but once she's got them she wants them totally in charge. That's something which throws Pete at first, until he realizes she's serious and he can do whatever he wants. This story is approximately 9,000 words and DRM free.