From a Native Son: Selected Essays in Indigenism, 1985–1995

From a Native Son: Selected Essays in Indigenism, 1985–1995
Author: Ward Churchill
Pages: 608
ISBN10: 1629631086
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ISBN13: 9781629631080
Published: Expected publication: September 1st 2018 by PM Press

Collects 10 years of Ward Churchill's writings across a wide range of topics From a Native Son was the first volume of acclaimed American Indian Movement activist-intellectual Ward Churchill’s essays in indigenism, selected from material written from 1985 to1995. Presented here in a new revised edition that includes four additional pieces, three of them previously unpublished, the book illuminates Churchill’s early development of the themes of defending oppressed people’s rights and exposing history’s dark side. Of particular interest is Churchill’s inclusion in the new edition of his 1986 “Statement of Position and Principle” concerning the Indian/Sandinista conflict along the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua, an item which should go far in dispelling recent confusion about his thinking and actions in that regard.