From Sleep May Come: A Contemporary Romance

From Sleep May Come: A Contemporary Romance
Author: Sarah Robbins
Language English
Pages: 26
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: June 27th 2016


Michael Randall has been reassigned to the Richard Harding Memorial Ward that specializes in the extended care of patients in a comatose state.

Thinking it to be a mental break from the strains of working on the ICU, Michael looks forward to the next few months working on this ward. His job seems routine and the days blur until a patient named Rachel Abrams. At first, she appears to be no different than the other patients on the ward, but Michael begins to learn about her life through the items left in her room by loved ones. He finds himself spending more and more time just talking to her. Before long, he feels like he has fallen in love with a woman he has never actually met. The situation becomes complicated when Rachel’s family finds out how much Michael has been spending time with Rachel. Now, his job is at stake while he tries to figure out if he is actually in love with Rachel or perhaps clinging onto her for comfort that he does not have in his own life.