Homies, Lovers & Friends 5: A Brooklyn Love Story

Homies, Lovers & Friends 5: A Brooklyn Love Story
Author: Jahquel J.
Pages: 244
Genre: Cultural
Goodreads Rating: 4.78
Published: July 9th 2017 by Royalty Publishing House

The gang is back for one last ride. Milli is in love with being a family man, but can't help but to think why Kelsie doesn't want to give him a baby. Kelsie is still dealing with the emotions from the last time she was pregnant with Milli's baby. Will this cause them to drift apart? Or will Milli pull his pants up and be there for his woman like a man should be? It's no secret that Kelsie and her mother have a strained relationship. When Shanny reveals something from her past, will this bring the mother and daughter closer or push them further apart? Marina isn't giving her granddaughter without a fight, even if that means dragging Kelsie to court to gain custody of her granddaughter? Will Marina get what she wants, or will she end up being hurt in the process? Michelle is so ready to give birth to her baby boy and marry the love of her life. With her hormones driving her crazy, she doesn't realize that she's pushing her love away from her.

While she prayed for the bing she's been receiving, is she scared? Will Michelle end up losing everything she has ever wanted because of fear? Patsy is back and ready to begin her life without Mello. While she handed Mello the divorce papers months ago, he's still stalling. Although she's tired from fighting with Mello, she's happy that she can count on her friendship with Walt. What happens when Walt wants to take things to the next level? Is Patsy ready for that, or will she walk away? Mello is going down a down hill spiral that he can't seem to get out of.

To him, everyone's his enemy. With Kenyetta on his nerves, he starts partying hard. That is until Choc andrews walks into his life. Although they build a friendship, everyone can see that there is more for these two friends. But, Choc is hiding a secret that can either make or break Mello. In this finale, everyone gets their definition of their happy ending. Sit back and get ready for part 5 to this amazing series!