Live and Let Swim

Live and Let Swim
Author: Mo O'Hara
Language English
Pages: 241
Genre: Childrens
ASIN B00M4401J0
Series My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish
Goodreads Rating: 4.39
Published: December 15th 2014 by Macmillan Children's Books

Frankie was a completely normal pet goldfish . . .

until Tom's evil-scientist big brother Mark tried to murder him with toxic gunge! Luckily Tom and his best friend Pradeep shocked Frankie back to life with a battery, and he's been their zombie-fishy friend ever since. On a trip to the aquarium, something fishy starts going on. Something that almost certainly involves evil older brothers, a vampire kitten, a psychic octopus and a plot to take over the world! Can Pradeep and Tom help Frankie to swim another day, or will he come to a squiddy end? In story two, TV show My Pet's Got Talent has come to town. But someone is stealing all the entrants' amazing abilities. Can Frankie stop the thief without revealing his secret zombie skills?