Beyond Bermuda (Evil Within the Rift)

Beyond Bermuda (Evil Within the Rift)
Author: Ashley Hornbaker
Language English
Pages: 319
Genre: Science Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 4.50
Published: April 9th 2013

The Bermuda Triangle is a myth, a hoax, where people, ships and planes disappear without a trace... but every myth has its truths. For Hal Brent, disappearing into the Bermuda Triangle was easy to explain. He'd lost direction, became disoriented or the plane had malfunctioned. Either way, he and his four student pilots were lost at sea and presumed to be dead. Awakening from his nightmare, Hal resurfaces to a new reality only to find himself 26 years in the future, yet he hasn't aged a day.

He's rescued and taken into the custody of A&H, a science research facility in the middle of a crisis. Two large freighters with sensitive equipment have gone missing, presumably hijacked, by a group of terrorists, and having been discovered on part of the wreckage, his arrival is a little more than suspicious. Hal's thrown into a whirlwind conspiracy before he can even grasp his new reality. The complex is under siege by terrorists, but their target isn't expensive equipment, research or valuable information... it's him. As a former Air Force Pilot, Hal's skills are immensely useful to A&H and he grows protective of them, particularly Claire Kass, the researcher that saved his life. It was Claire's project on the missing freighter, called the ARCA. Tapping into parallel dimensions and altering matter, the ARCA's power could be devastating in the wrong hands. The conspiracy grows and Hal begins to see that these so-called terrorists, the Yotogi, aren't as they've been portrayed. Now thrown into a private war between the two, the lines of reality begin to blur, and a new enemy emerges.

Lurking in the void, an evil force begins tearing through our dimension, and the truth of the myth becomes reality... and he's the key to unlocking one of the world's most dangerous mysteries.