Many Dreams Many Lives

Many Dreams Many Lives
Author: Viji Narayanan
Pages: 174
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: January 11th 2018

Maya is an Indian working woman who migrated to America fifteen years ago. She spends her days balancing a rewarding career with household chores, and lives with her husband Raj and her thirteen-year-old daughter Ruhani in Detroit. As she nears her fortieth birthday, Maya starts re-evaluating the choices she had made—or hadn’t made—and wonders if she has fulfilled her purpose in life. The dust on her suppressed dreams may have settled long ago, but the quest to find them again stirs her future. When her university reunion comes up, she has a chance to revisit her hometown, family, and old friends.

In Mumbai, she meets her old college friend, Amit and gets a feeling of déjà vu.

She recollects her childhood memory of Madhumita, a beautiful singer who had disappeared mysteriously. She finds herself drawn to Madhumita’s story, and in the process, she digs up secrets about herself, her close friends in the U.S. and even her family. She revokes all her past passions and touches upon the so-called life repressed memories, only to discover that there are more unfulfilled dreams in her life. In this emotionally charged account of Maya’s self-journey, we find ourselves asking the same question she’s been asking,” If I get to choose my life again, will I do it differently?” Sometimes the answer your heart returns and that of your mind will bring to a crossroads in life, all roads may not be created equal but only you can find your purpose in this lifetime – and maybe if you are lucky, the next?