Hunted: I Survived

Hunted: I Survived
Author: Ayr Bray
Language English
Pages: 306
Genre: Uncategorized
ASIN B00L03513C
Goodreads Rating: 4.00
Published: June 14th 2014 by Ayr Bray

Melanie Wells has a plan. As soon as graduation is over she will move into the perfect apartment, start the perfect job, and launch her perfect career. Everything is falling into place … until one wrong turn shatters her dreams. After witnessing a drug smuggling operation, Melanie is tortured, shot, and left for dead.

Her survival is nothing short of miraculous, but it may not last when the drug cartel finds out she’s still alive and planning to testify against them.

Enter Thane Reeves, sexy as hell Private Security Consultant and former Army Ranger. For years he’s loved Melanie from afar, and now he would risk anything, including his own life, to keep her safe. Melanie’s plan never included love. If anyone can change her mind it’s Thane. He ignites a passion in her she didn't know she was capable of, but when you’re running for your life it’s easy to fall for your protector. Melanie can’t be sure if her feelings for Thane are real, and with drug lords and contract killers gunning for her, she may not live long enough to find out.