Author: Cordelia Michelsen
Language English
Pages: 357
Genre: Romance
Series Binding
Goodreads Rating: 4.73
Published: April 2017

[Alternate cover edition for ASIN: B01NC2S2JS] GIRL: BOOK TWO OF THE BINDING SERIES You’ve just woken from a nap, on a plane.

Your memories have been erased, your identity is gone, and you have no idea where you are or, most importantly, why you are there. This is what has happened to Girl as her story begins to unfold.

When the woman with no name lands in New Orleans, a city of witches who live among common people, she finds herself suddenly in the middle of love, war, unearthly powers and, most dangerously, these witches' desires. The Journes and the de la Fosses are the most powerful of these families of witches in New Orleans and they have despised each other for centuries. But now, both are being mysteriously drawn to Girl by their fascination with her, and hers with them. While one family embraces her and takes her in like a lost cousin, soothing their painful memories of a loved one who long ago disappeared, their rivals intend to claim Girl as their own. What is it about Girl, the amnesia-stricken stranger, that so attracts them both? Little do they know that she carries within her the key to their future. Find out Girl’s fate, and theirs, in Girl: Book Two of The Binding Series. Show more