Proud and Presidential: What if the Candidates Fell in Love?

Proud and Presidential: What if the Candidates Fell in Love?
Author: Josie Case
Language English
Pages: 320
Goodreads Rating: 3.10
Published: January 14th 2017

Instead of hating on each other – what if the candidates fell in love? In this modern-day Pride and Prejudice re-imagining Congressman Fitz Darcy and Congresswoman Elizabeth Bennet go head-to-head in a race for the White House. And it causes all manner of complications. The budding romance between Darcy's chief-of-staff, Charles Bingley, and Lizzie's sister and campaign manager, Jane, crashes on the rocks of Bingley's exploitation of Lydia Bennet as a source of inside information on the Bennet campaign. Elsewhere Darcy sends Bingley's sister Caroline to keep his own little sister, science-geek Georgia Darcy, out of any trouble she might get into on campus. Will the love of a good woman (which woman?) make an honest man of conniving opportunist and struggling law-student George Wickham? Should Will Collins and Charlotte Lucas sacrifice their happiness for the sake of Lizzie's campaign. And will the machinations of political wheeler-dealer Bill Lucas spoil things for absolutely everyone? Find out in Josie Case's latest Pride and Prejudice re-imagining, Proud and Presidential.