Lilith: Queen of the Desert

Lilith: Queen of the Desert
Author: Anya Kless
Language English
Pages: 136
ISBN10: 1450722369
Genre: Spirituality
Goodreads Rating: 4.24
ISBN13: 9781450722360
Published: July 16th 2010 by Knickerbocker Circus

Goddess? Demon? First woman? Feminist icon? Who-or what-is Lilith? For centuries, She has haunted the edges of civilization. In the 21st century, She seems to be asserting Herself more adamantly than ever. Has She been calling you? For the first time, this volume combines historical, practical, and devotional material on Lilith. It gives an overview of Her presence in the writings, lore, and imaginations of a variety of cultures from ancient Sumerian to present day vampirism. It provides an introduction to forming a personal and working relationship with Lilith as a living and vibrant entity, including correspondences, ons, offerings, and a basic ritual. Most importantly, it serves as the first collection of devotional writing for and about Lilith. Contributed by writers around the globe, these poems, prayers, and essays give insights into the mysteries of this elusive and often misunderstood figure by those who already know and love Her.