Taken For The Billionaire's Pleasure - The Complete Series

Taken For The Billionaire's Pleasure - The Complete Series
Author: Lucie Blake
Language English
Pages: 74
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.71
Published: June 10th 2015

Taken. Abused. Sold into Sexual Slavery. But is There a Way Out? Book One Taken from her home at the tender age of 13, Akemi Sanders' life is about to change for good. From working the simple rice paddies with her mother and father, she'll soon find that her future is going to be about as different as possible. Crossing nations and oceans, Akemi is brought into a world of luxury and power in LA, but not in the way she might have hoped. And as she grows up, her life turns into one of servitude and sexual dominance...

controlled and directed by a powerful billionaire. Colin Angus and Shaun Coverly are tech geniuses and future superstars. When Shaun finds the solution to the prized problem of Starlink, a huge computer firm, solving a complicated algorithm that could make them billions, however, their firm friendship is tested. Because Colin has always been jealous of Shaun, and when Shaun falls ill, Colin takes the opportunity to snatch all the plaudits for himself. Taking the solution to the billionaire CEO of Starlink, Colin is fast tracked to success, and soon joins the billionaire elite himself. Only, Starlink and their powerful CEO share a morbid secret, hidden in the depths of the billionaire's mansion...a secret that Akemi is fully aware of, and largely integrated in. And soon Colin's going to be integrated too... Book Two Akemi's life continues to swirl in an end stream of men, and women: clients who pay for the pleasure of her company. Millionaires and billionaires with dark minds and weird sexual fantasies. And few of them are weirder than Colin Angus, the most recent 'self made' billionaire on the block. One night, Akemi's boss, Miss G, tells her that Colin will be her gig for the night...

a night that opens up a lot of unexpected doors for Akemi. Because Colin is living a lie, and it's beginning to get to him. As Akemi punishes him in a night of dominatrix sex, and he gets drunks after, a few home truths are revealed that might just help Akemi find release from her life as a high end sex slave. The key, though, is Shaun Coverly, the man Colin set up and screwed over. His former best friend who's had to watch Colin become a billionaire and celebrity and live the life he should have had. And maybe, Shaun might just be the secret to saving Akemi from the life she should never have been living in the first place...

Book Three Shaun decides to follow up on the mystery phone call that he got about Colin's involvement in stealing what was rightfully his. Hoping it's not another wild goose chase, he waits at the appointed time and place for the woman who might open up his future. That woman, it turns out, is Akemi, who shows Shaun evidence that might just help him build a case against the sick billionaires running the human trafficking ring that brought her to America. But it's not enough, and although Shaun finds her captivating and beautiful, he's learned not to trust people he doesn't know. So Akemi strikes again, searching for more evidence. In order to do so, however, she's going to have to break a few rules, and go to a few places she's sick of visiting. The question is, will it be worth it in the end. And will Akemi and Shaun be able to find the happy ending that they both deserve... Readers Should Be 18+ For Sex Scenes and Adult Themes