The Sunken Treasure

The Sunken Treasure
Author: Marian J.A. Jackson
Language English
Pages: 166
ISBN10: 0802731910
Genre: Uncategorized
Series Miss Danforth Mysteries
Goodreads Rating: 2.67
ISBN13: 9780802731913
Published: September 1st 1994 by Walker & Company

Abigail Patience Danforth didn't look a bit like Sherlock Holmes, although she did everything in her power to act like him. When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle suggested that she might better remember that she was a lady, Miss Danforth turned elsewhere for advice. Mark Twain gave his approval to her plan to become the world's first female consulting detective, and the die was cast. Now Miss Danforth and her companion, Maude Cunningham, were about to embark upon what should have been a pleasant sail from Panama to New Orleans aboard Malcolm Tibault's yacht, and crime was the furthest thing from her mind. Indeed, she felt certain that the only challenge to her deductive abilities would be in piercing the secrets of fellow passenger Harry Houdini's little parlor tricks. But death has stowed away aboard The Seascape, and Miss Danforth's skills as a detective will be fully tested. . . even as a hand reaches out to push her overboard.