A January Killing

A January Killing
Author: Paul Toolan
Language English
Pages: 280
ISBN10: 1522837027
Genre: Mystery
Goodreads Rating: 4.11
ISBN13: 9781522837022
Published: December 20th 2015 by Amazon Kindle & Createspace

January, white-frost, a pitch-black orchard.

Despite the cold, Detective Inspector Zig Batten is enjoying his first West Country ‘Wassail’ - an ancient apple-orchard ceremony. His partner’s young daughter is this year’s Wassail Queen. A torchlight procession ends in the ritual firing of shotguns, to scare ‘evil spirits’ from the trees and trigger this year’s apple blossom. But not every shotgun fires blanks, and next day a dead body has blossomed in the orchard. What is the killer’s motive? Why this victim? And who is sending anonymous letters to the villagers of Stockton Marsh, where Batten’s own Sergeant lives? Winter closes in, but murder does not stop with the dead - it tunnels into the living too, as Batten and Ball discover. Will their own endangered lives and relationships ever be quite the same? As snow descends, the police make ready. Until another body is found...