Pay Any Price: Lyndon Johnson and the Wars for Vietnam

Pay Any Price: Lyndon Johnson and the Wars for Vietnam
Author: Lloyd C. Gardner
Language English
Pages: 629
ISBN10: 1566630878
Genre: Uncategorized
Goodreads Rating: 3.44
ISBN13: 9781566630870
Published: August 1st 1995 by Ivan R. Dee Publisher

Lyndon Johnson brought to the presidency a political outlook nurtured by New Deal liberalism and the idea of government intervention for the public good. In his desire to make that idea work at home and abroad, he contributed to one of the most tragic turning points in American history. As LBJ sought to fulfill John Kennedy's pledge in Southeast Asia, he constructed a fatal coupling of the Great Society and the anti-Communist imperative that had long governed American foreign policy. Pay Any Price is Lloyd Gardner's riveting account of Lyndon Johnson and America's fall into Vietnam; of behind-the-scenes decision-making at the highest levels of government; of miscalculation, blinkered optimism, and moral obtuseness. In a brilliant blending of political biography and diplomatic history, Mr. Gardner has written the first book on American involvement in the Vietnam War to use the full resources and newly declassified documents of the Johnson Library, as well as a wealth of other sources, and to tell the whole story of Johnson and Vietnam.