Switchblade : Issue Five (Issue Five )

Switchblade : Issue Five (Issue Five )
Author: Rob Pierce
Pages: 191
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
Published: March 29th 2018

A tsunami-sized crime wave of hardboiled noir from some of the most enduring names in crime fiction, outside of the New York Five. This is the biggest, most robust issue of Switchblade yet. An all-star lineup, brimming with hard luck tales from some of the best outlaw fiction storytellers in print. Court Merrigan and Rob Pierce are in this issue.

Indianapolis crime writer, and managing editor of Pulp Modern, Alec Cizak, has a story in this issue. Switchblade usual suspects Preston Lang, Jack Bates, Robb T. White, Rick Risemberg, and Lisa Douglass, are back and sharper than ever. New prospects Tom Andes, Tony Genova, E.F. Sweetman, David Rachels, Danny Sophabmisay, Chris McGinley, Timothy Friend, and Tom Barlow, have been jumped in to the fold. Sharp and deadly, quick and dirty; it’s the fast action gutter mag that fits into your back pocket. Featuring the soul-searing poetry of Lisa Douglass