X-O Manowar, Volume 2: Enter Ninjak

X-O Manowar, Volume 2: Enter Ninjak
Author: Robert Venditti
Language English
Pages: 109
ISBN10: 0979640997
Genre: Sequential Art
Series X-O Manowar, Volume II
Goodreads Rating: 3.92
ISBN13: 9780979640995
Published: April 2013 by Valiant Entertainment, LLC

Agents of the alien race known as The Vine have been living in secret among us for centuries, and now they've just been activated for one final mission - purge the Earth of all human life! An invasion fleet is on its way and the only weapon in existence powerful enough to defeat it is the X-O Manowar armor. To pinpoint The Vine's weaknesses, Aric will need to enlist the help of the master weapons specialist charged with taking him down - the feared and formidable Ninjak. But, first, Aric will have to convince him that his masters in British Intelligence have sold humanity into the hands of the enemy... Collecting: X-O Manowar 5-8