The Best of Spider-Man: Volume 4

The Best of Spider-Man: Volume 4
Author: J. Michael Straczynski
Language English
Pages: 336
ISBN10: 0785118276
Genre: Marvel
Goodreads Rating: 3.87
ISBN13: 9780785118275
Published: July 1st 2005 by Marvel Comics Group

The year's best Spider-Man stories, collected together in one amazing volume! In "The Book of Ezekiel," Peter Parker delves further into the mysterious totemistic origin of his powers when his enigmatic mentor returns! He's aided Peter in the past, but is Ezekiel truly Spider-Man's friend and ally, or something much more? And in the aftermath of an interdimensional rift caused by Spider-Man and Doctor Strange's battle with Dormammu, a sorceress of limit power is set free from years of captivity... and sets forth on a quest through Manhattan to properly thank the one responsible for it: the wall-crawler himself! Guest-starring Thor's ne'er-do-well stepbrother, Loki! In "Sins Past," a stunning new evil emerges to stalk Peter Parker as the biggest Spider-Man event in years rocks the wall-crawler's world! The worst defeat that Peter Parker ever endured - a moment frozen in the minds of Spider-Man fans everywhere - was supposed to be far in the past. But now, two villains - ripped, perhaps, directly from that very moment - have emerged, and they threaten to destroy everything that he holds dear! Plus: Aunt May grapples with her newfound discovery of Peter's secret identity, and Spider-Man gets a new costume?!