Forced Handfasting (A Brave New World #1)

Forced Handfasting (A Brave New World #1)
Author: Rebecca Lorino Pond
Language English
Pages: 233
Genre: Science Fiction
Goodreads Rating: 3.28
Published: September 12th 2014 by Rebecca Lorino Pond

newly Re-edited 9/25/2014 While on vacation in Puerto Rico, Samantha's life is turned upside down when she stumbles upon strange beings inside the fort she is exploring. Kidnapped from Earth and sold at auction on an alien planet, Sam is forced to handfast to the man who rescues her. Her life will never be the same again but will she ever see Earth again or will the man who has forced her to marry him win her heart? Jahan stumbles across a human female being sold at auction on the nasty planet of Iatune. Against his friend's, Niko, judgment he forces the little human to handfast to him in order to shut up the Council on his planet of Uxslore who wants to see him married. Little does he know that someone on the council had alternate plans for his life and that of his planet. After an unexpected war breaks out on his planet, Jahan is forced to protect Samantha and those who still think of him as their lord. A long, hard road is in store for the couple who must learn to accept each other and the new way of life that will take them to whole new planet. WARNING!! This book contains explicit sexual situations and language that some may find offensive. Please do not purchase this book if such things are offensive to you.