Divine Invasion

Divine Invasion
Author: Michael L. Monhollon
Language English
Pages: 340
Genre: Historical
Goodreads Rating: 3.75
Published: February 1st 1998 by Reflection Publishing

How do you stop a man who can raise the dead? "We have spoken against him," Annas said. "Denounced him in so far as we dared, yet he is still as popular as ever" "Even more popular." "The people don't like us," said a Pharisee. "They respect us, to a degree, but they have never liked us." "Whereas they adore him." "Exactly," Annas said. "They adore him. Their adoration only increases with time. We try to warn him off, and he keeps preaching. We try to run him off, and he returns. Now we get reports of a man raised from the dead, raised in front of a hundred witnesses. What can we say to counteract the effect of that on the people?” “And what happens tomorrow when he performs his next miraculous sign?” Nicodemus said, “Listen to you! Listen to all of you. What are you saying? Jesus raises men from the dead, and you ask, ‘What effect will it have on the people?’ Better to ask what effect it will have on us. On the whole world! If this Jesus is raising people from the dead, the Day of the Lord is upon us. Indeed, it is already here.” Scoundrel or saint…Madman or God Incarnate? In this true story, drawn from the original accounts, meet the man and decide for yourself. “What do the prophets say about Jesus Christ? That he will plainly be God? No, but that…he will not be recognized, that people will not believe…that he will be a stumbling-block on which many will fall…” - Blaise Pascal